Sports club of LGBTI people and friends

At the beginning, there were two of us loving sports. We did not enjoy the leisure opportunities for gays in the city. So we hit the road towards volleyball and other sports. And we discovered we‘re not alone …

Our mission and principles

  • Healthy life style: We create good conditions for our athletes to improve their physical fitness and well-being. Trainings in team and individual sport disciplines, community competitions, various other sports and social events.
  • Safe playgrounds: We strive for an environment where we can act completely freely in terms of our sexual orientation and gender identity. Without the fear of any rejection, discrimination, hate attacks or unwanted disclosure.
  • Community building: We bring great opportunities for both establishing and strengthening contacts among the LGBTI people. Of course, no restrictions that would disqualify anyone else participation in our trainings and other events.
  • Open presentation: We contribute to a positive and undistorted image. The sport is a very valuable communication tool for us, which helps us break down stereotypes about the LGBTI, improve understanding and social inclusion.
  • Volunteering: We perform all our activites, whether as the civic association or individuals, exclusively on a voluntary basis and without profit making. It is often a real challenge. Therefore, we are happy to welcome every hand or head.
  • Human rights: We fight against the discrimination and for the equality of the LGBTI people and same-sex unions. Stop to homophobia, biphobia, transphobia and sexual violence not only in sport. For the benefit of the whole society.